15 ways to improve your CFE exam study efficiency and increase the pass rate for free

Use the right method and increase your study efficiency by 3 times


Your CFE examination is coming up and I am sure you are panicking most of the time. So much to cover and such a short time, when will you get to re-read everything. You must be worried that how can you improve your efficiency at studies at a faster speed. Well, this article is your savior. My personal favorite is point 11th.


Commit to reaching one study goal a day

Prepare a study goal list for every day at the beginning of the month. This will help you to keep track of what are you covering for your CFE examination. Commit to reaching one study goal at a day rather than cramming up everything, this will mess up everything and you would not be able to recall the memories the way you would prefer to. Maintain a diary to keep track of study goal, this will help you stay motivated for preparing yourself for CFE examination.


Do the most challenging cognitive task first

Do the most challenging task first as at that your brain performance level is at its peak level to perform it’s best. This happens usually after 2 to 4 hours after you wake up. At that peak time your brain can easily focus on any task that requires thinking, concentration, studying, reading, critical thinking, problem-solving or any difficult task that you want to get sorted out. So, make proper use of the peak hour to study chapters that you find difficult to understand for your CFE examination.


Use a timer to divide your time into short study periods

Make use of a timer to break your study duration too short periods. As we all know it is difficult to concentrate on studies for a long duration. So set your time to 20, 30- or 60-minute intervals, the interval depends on you, how long it is possible for you to hold your concentration. After each study periods take a break for 5-10 minutes to clear your mind. You can increase your study duration slowly as you get habituated with it. This will maximize your efficiency in preparing yourself for CFE examination.


Create a game plan

Prepare a game plan for your study. Without a proper plan for your CFE examination, it would be difficult for you to achieve the end result that you have been yearning for. You definitely know your strength and weakness; which chapter needs more time to be spent on compared to other chapters. 

So, by taking your exam date into consideration make a game plan to excel in your CFE examination with flying colors.


Study in chunks

Break down your study information into chunks as this will help you to remember the information for a longer time. It is not possible for anyone to study hours after hours and absorb all the information automatically by your brain. So, for an effective way to retain the information that you are studying you need to break down your study period into chunks and help your brain to absorb the information to pass your CFE examination.


Write stuff down

By just reading for your CFE examination you would not be able to retain all the information. So, make sure you take notes, write everything down. Writing helps you to engrave the information in your memory for a longer period of time.


Visualize Concepts

So, just reading and writing will not help you to memorize the required information for a longer period of time. So, when you are reading the chapters, create a visual image like a pie chart, diagram or anything visual which will help you to recall the information easily.


Pay Extra Attention to Difficult Information

I am sure just like every student you might also have chapters that you find difficult to understand. So, make a list of all the chapters that you find difficult. Include it in your game plan as we discussed above at point 4 and discussed at point 4 you can study at your banks peak hours to understand the chapters easily and retain those chapters on your CFE examination for a longer period of time.


Use mnemonic

Make use of mnemonic. It is basically a technique that is used to retain information for a longer period of time. To use mnemonic try to associate the term you have read with common items that you use in your daily life, you can only also associate it with any songs or rhymes or with anything that will help you to recall the information easily when you are sitting for your CFE examination.


Use a cover card when studying

While you are studying for CFE examination make sure to cover the part you have just read and try to recall it and then check whether you have recalled it properly or not, if not repeat it again. This will help you to retain the information for a longer time as you want to excel in your CFE examination.


Physically Remove Your Distractions

Remove the distractions around your study area. It could be anything that distracts you while you are trying to study. Especially your phone is the one that distracts you, definitely keep it away. You can check your social media, mail later after you have completed your study period. By physically removing your distractions, you will have more energy to focus on your studies which are mandatory for you to excel in your CFE examination.


Relate new information to things you already know

Try to relate the new information that you have just retained with the previous information that you have already read. As you have already taken the notes for the previous chapter as discussed in point 6 above, so by checking your previous notes you can easily relate the new information and read it together to recall it easily when you are sitting for your CFE examination.


Readout loud

Beside covering and taking notes as discussed at points above it is also required to read out loud the information to retain it for a longer period of time. As you are hearing yourself out this will help you to check what you have read and written does it match with what is reading out loud. Repeat it over and over again to help your memory to retain the information for a longer time to excel in your examination with flying colors as you are dreaming of.


Get sleep properly

So, after making a plan, reading, writing and all the tricks that we have just talked about, sleep is important too. Proper sleep helps your body to engrave your studies to your brain for a longer time. Without proper rest, your body would not perform the way you think of.
In a recent study, it was found that when a person goes to sleep after studying, they can see physical changes in the brain. In a recent experiment on a mouse, the researchers have found out that due to sleep deprivation the mice had less growth in dendrite which is required for the mice to learn a new task. So, get proper sleep for better results for your CFE examination.


Reward yourself

After all the hard work you have done you should definitely reward yourself to motivate yourself. During your study period, you will take breaks as discussed above, at that treat yourself with your favorite beverage, nap, chocolates or anything that you like. To boost up your mode, the happier positive you will be the better will be your preparation for CFE examination.


In this article, we have discussed 15 tricks that you can use in your daily life to improve your efficiency and speed to study properly and deserve the output of your CFE examination as you have dreamt of. Share it to your friends and colleagues so that they know you are thinking about them!

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